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The Truth About The Flu Vaccine – A Tale of Two Patients

When it comes to vaccinations, patients often ask me a couple simple questions. Here are the answers. I’ve gotten my flu shot annually since medical school. Both my children have gotten their vaccinations as scheduled. As a doctor, I understand the scientific reason for vaccinations. Only until recently, during a particularly bad flu season, did I feel and see the amazing protective power of the vaccinations. Her story was fairly typical. A young woman in her 20s was accompanied by her mother. The patient wore an overcoat which covered her pajamas. She curled up on my exam table looking particularly ill. Looking exhausted, she reporting having a high fever at 104 F, profound body aches, and a dry hacking cough. “I feel like I’m dying.” Anytime a young adult is accompanied by her mother, someone is understandably worried. It isn’t the young adult. Despite her youth, she looked quite ill. […] Read More »