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The Long Fix: Solving America’s Health Care Crisis with Strategies that Work for Everyone

Wow. Must read. Amazing insights which offers solutions for ensuring better health care.

Dr. Vivian Lee has done a miraculous job in writing an easy to understand and very engaging book on the challenges facing the US health care system to ensure affordability, accessibility, and consistent high quality care. This is a must read for anyone wishing to understand how the US health care system got started, how did it become what it is today, and what is needed to make it better.

Through and full of insightful perspectives from experts in health care from the public sector and private sector as well as memorable one-liner quotes and anecdotes, it ends each chapter asking each responsible party in health care – payers (insurers, employers), patients, physicians, health care providers, and policy makers, what each should do to enable a better future.

I appreciate the enormous difficulty in explaining the US health care system that accounts for 1/5 of the US GDP and I also admire how masterfully Dr. Lee does so.

It’s her unique perspective as a clinician, a researcher, a health care leader both at the academic medical center University of Utah Health and also technology company Verily that allows her to holistically see the US health care system as a whole from multiple perspectives and data points from the 30,000 foot level to that of individual doctor and patient encounter.

I tell you, as someone who has been a patient advocate since 2004, as a primary care doctor since 2000, who has been fortunate enough to meet with and learn from extraordinary health care leaders and business leaders through my tenure at Kaiser Permanente, if there was only one book you had to read on the US health care system, this is the one to get you up to speed quickly with its candor about the current status quo and that offers the optimism and solutions of a better future only if we actively choose to do it – it is this book, The Long Fix: Solving America’s Health Care Crisis with Strategies that Work for Everyone

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