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Affordable Health Insurance

The Kaiser Family Foundation reported that in 2007, the total cost for health insurance premiums for an individual cost about $4,400 and for a family of four exceeded $12,000.  Clearly finding affordable individual health insurance and affordable family health insurance is increasingly less likely as premiums continue to rise faster than wages and inflation. The report also found that fewer small businesses are offering health insurance.  Only 59% of employers with between 3 to 199 workers offer the benefit.  Of small businesses with 3 to 9 employees, only 45% offer it.  Companies are also restricting who is covered.  No longer are they willing to extend coverage to dependents whether spouses or children.  Many businesses no longer offer post-retirement health insurance to their retirees and seniors.  Companies, like individuals, are struggling to find affordable health insurance and have addressed the costs by cutting back on who is covered and how comprehensive the benefits are.

Health Insurance is Expensive

As individuals, families, and businesses seek to find affordable health insurance they need to find high quality insurance plans.  Affordable health insurance is not necessarily the same thing as low cost health insurance.  If you bought a car that was affordable would you try and get the most for your money?  Would you get the safest car that was well built and reliable or randomly purchase a car for the price?  With health insurance, there are big differences between which insurance plans are so-so in keeping you well and those that are great

in keeping you healthy.  If you are spending a lot of money for health insurance, which is increasingly unaffordable, do your self a favor and pick the plan that is best in its class. As you search for affordable family health care insurance companies in California and throughout the country, look for the plans that best suit your needs.

Find out more about how you can pick a high quality insurance plan and other vital information in Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely: Making Intelligent Choices in America’s Healthcare System.


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