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Andrew Yang – Yin For Yang Podcast – Mental Health

I was thrilled to have the tremendous opportunity to speak to Betsy, host of the Yin for Yang podcast recently, to discuss how the Andrew Yang supporters, the Yang Gang, might cope with the campaign being suspended and moving on to a different phase.

Yin for Yang – Episode 9 – Mental Health Part II

Yang Gang members come from different backgrounds and ages as well as different levels of physical, emotional, and financial commitment and connections to the campaign and understandably would have different decreases of responses to the sudden and unexpected suspension of the campaign.

The key points from our discussion was the importance of

1) Self care – eating, sleeping, physical activity
2) Reconnecting with loved ones and friends
3) Finding and staying in touch with like minded Yang Gang supporters
4) Express gratitude of things or experiences you are grateful for every day.

Take care of self. Be available and supportive of others.

The common theme for many is that there is a sense of loss or grief. This is expected and normal.

Time will make it better.

Reflecting and writing in a diary or journal of one’s experiences in the Yang Gang or Yang campaign can be helpful process.

Let me know what techniques or specific activities you do help you feel better.

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