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Andrew Yang Quotes

There’s something about what you do that comes to define you over a period of years (2012)

What happens with young people and the choices that they make is determined by the options presented and the resources that are brought to bear making their next steps possible (2014)

You’ll be happy to know there’s a guy who’s mission in life it is to improve on this. And that’s me (2015)

This is the greatest challenge [4th industrial revolution] right now. It’s driving  all of our dysfunctional social issues and political issues. It’s even driving in my opinion racism and misogyny (2018)

We need to get with the program and figure out how to make the economy work for the people (2019)

You can feel bad about what’s going on with this country, but the moment you feel like your doing something about it you feel so much better (2019)

We can light the country on fire with a vision of an economy that works for us. We’re going to make history together in 2020 (2019)

I’m not running for president because I very fantasized about being president. I’m running for president because I’m an American and a parent, and I can see the country that we will leave to our children and it’s not something that I’m willing to accept.

One of my of rules in entrepreneurship and life is that you have to give your chance to win. Not lose less. Not hold on for a longer period of time, but actually win. 

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