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ICYMI – In Case You Missed It – April 2016 – for Physicians and Physician Leaders

So great to talk with Sacramento ABC 10 on how patients can manage their health care costs.  They even included stock footage from KP featuring former CMA president and TPMG physician Paul Phinney!

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  • Brain cancer survivor, advocate and friend Liz Salmi has been simply amazing through her blogs and the inspiration for my 2011 blog post – does America Want Apple or Android in health care as well as my final presentation to the TPMG Board of Directors in May 2014. She’s featured in a new film – The Open Patient – Healing Through Sharing. I believe this is where health care must go next.
  • Why I’ve always been a big proponent of one to one coaching for EMR proficiency. Epic Systems Founder and CEO Judy Faulkner, “A number of years ago, I was helping a woman use the system, and she had a screen that she wanted to save without making any changes. So instead of hitting the ‘next page’ button, she just hit the return key eleven times. I said, ‘Let me teach you a trick.’ And she just kind of froze, and she said, ‘Well thanks, but I’m used to this, but I’ll keep doing it this way.’….“So there is this problem of people learning best what they learn first. And then they don’t move to the better things, which is painful for us. Because we know that once they get over the re-learning hurdle, they’ll be better off.”  CEO Judy Faulkner Airs Epic’s Views on EHR Interoperability.
  • More convenient and accessible care? Don’t expect cost savings across the health care system, but more utilization and demand. When deregulation make flying cheaper and more available, more people flew. Smartphones and laptops cheaper, everyone has one. So why should health care be different? The Undeniable Convenience and Reliability of Retail Health Clinics.
  • Cleveland Clinic is extending their brand and reach. If integrated care is going to be the dominant way Americans get care, it needs to break out of its niche. Cleveland Clinic Makes An Important Step To Take Telehealth Mainstream: The brand-name hospital has partnered with CVS’s MinuteClinics and American Well.

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What I’m reading, on my list, and re-reading. You?


What did I miss? What else would you add?

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  1. Davis! Thanks for sharing the documentary. I would love to learn more sometime about how you have included me in your presentations to TPMG over the years. (And yes, I am happy to have opted in to that.) What has been their response?

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