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ICYMI – In Case You Missed It – December 2015 – for Physicians and Physician Leaders

Women can get online prescriptions for birth control and antibiotics for urinary tract infections (UTIs) or bladder infections from board-certified US doctors as easily as they can reserve time at a restaurant via OpenTable, purchase books via Amazon, or hail a car via Uber. That is what we aim to do with our Lemonaid app (Apple iOS and Android) and website. This kind of hassle-free, worry-free, convenience that we’ve come to expect in travel, banking, and other aspects of our busy lives has finally come to health care. — Davis Liu, MD

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  • Having limited resources and boundaries helps generate creative ideas. From the director of the newest Star Wars, JJ Abrams –
  • “I find that I am most happy when I have boundaries. With Lost, when ABC chairman Lloyd Braun called to say he wanted me to come up with a show about people who survive a plane crash, I remember thinking, “Well, I will come up with that,” and I did—very, very quickly. What was great was he had given me a very specific assignment. So when I called him back and told him my thoughts, they were far weirder than what he would have ever expected. He was basically thinking about doing a kind of castaway show. But the constraint he imposed allowed the weirdness to kind of feel like fertile ground. Weirdness within limits, you know? If it had been un-limited—if he had called and said, come up with a weird show—I would have thought, I don’t know! What does that even mean?”

  • How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation – “A great culture is not easy to build — it’s why high performing cultures are such a powerful competitive advantage. Yet organizations that build great cultures are able to meet the demands of the fast-paced, customer-centric, digital world we live in. More and more organizations are beginning to realize that culture can’t be left to chance. Leaders have to treat culture building as an engineering discipline, not a magical one.”


“he believes the first manned Mars mission will be possible by the time he’s in his fifties. He is now 44. The rocket that they are working on is referred to internally by the code name BFR. And it doesn’t stand for some arcane, smarty-pants science term. It stands for Big Fucking Rocket.


What did I miss? What else would you add? 

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