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Prescriptions Are Not Just For Sick People

Most people are not fans of medications. I don’t blame them. I’m not a big fan of medications either. Ask my wife. As a doctor, I know anti-inflammatories will help for my occasionally persistent neck pains, but I won’t take them. When I get ill, develop fever, muscle aches, and chills related to a viral illness, I don’t take medications such as Tylenol even though they can help my symptoms. Terrible, isn’t it? I’m just like you. Doctors really are the worst patients. Yet would you really refuse taking an antibiotic for pneumonia? Would you choose to walk away from options like chemotherapy for a life-threatening cancer? It is easier to convince someone to start medication when he feels sick. It can be more challenging to begin or maintain treatment when he feels perfectly well. He feels healthy. He has no symptoms—no crushing chest pain or suffocating shortness of breath. […] Read More »