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The Best Blog Posts For Patients

As I make the transition to my new website, I wanted to highlight the most commonly viewed and best blog posts for patients from my previous website.

For Patients

Do I Need Cholesterol Medication? Is My Cholesterol High? The Simple Truth.

Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines – Colonoscopy Better Than Sigmoidoscopy? The Truth and the Myth

Elizabeth Edwards, Breast Cancer, and Mammograms – Her Death a Failure of Healthcare System.

The Truth About Prostate Cancer Screening


Other Surprising Facts

Life Line Screening – Worth the Money?

Routine Annual Physical – Not Worth the Time or Money

The Truth and Facts About Concierge or Boutique Medicine


Commentary on Media Stories

Newsweek – Just Say No! – One Word Can Save Your Life. Too Simplistic. Doctors Need to Help.

What Doctors Wish Their Patients Knew – Critique of the March 2011 Consumer Reports article

NY Times – Finding a Quality Doctor – Why the Author and Doctors Are Wrong.


Which is your favorite?

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