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ICYMI – In Case You Missed It – August 2016 – for Physicians and Physician Leaders

“Rahm Emanuel (White Chief of Staff) came to [President Obama] and said you’re gonna have to pull the bill because if you push this legislation [health care reform], you will lose in 2012.

[Obama] knew there would be somewhere between 10 and 30 million people who would not get health insurance. Millions of people are being discriminated against by insurance companies [Obama] ‘when you have people more worried about the politics of it than what’s right and what’s wrong, I want you to think about the number of the people all across this country who are looking for some help.’ He’s thinking to himself if i decide not to push forward, what do I say to all those people who came up to me with tears in their eyes telling me that they need this to save themselves and if that means that i’m a one-term president then I’m a one-term president.”

DNC convention 2016 – introduction video of President Barack Obama

Lemonaid Health made the front page of the NY Times in June!

Birth Control via App Finds Footing Under Political Radar Aside from California, Lemonaid is in states KP and TPMG are not – NY, MI, PA, OH, WA, FL, and IL. More states to come.

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Health Care
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  • My newest blog post – Will integrated health care startups make health care better? I quote Robbie, Ezra Klein ( and talk about Southwest Airlines, Oscar Health, and Zoom Plus.
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  • TPMG Shareholder speaker Atul Gawande sits down with Ezra Klein on the Ezra Klein Show for 90 minutes. Gawande is a triple threat as a surgeon, writer, and doer.  If you are health care nerd like me, this is a great listen! Gawande is fascinated with ineptitude – the gap between what we know and what we do. For centuries the issue was ignorance, we didn’t know enough. Now the issue is we know enough, but we aren’t executing on that knowledge…
  • Always learning from my favorite Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson, who leads the HBS-KP Executive Leadership program. In the Leader’s Triangle – Vision, Operations, Culture Edmondson highlights the choices made by Southwest Airlines and the Ritz Carlton and how leaders in health care can learn from the choices these organizations made based on this framework.

Outside Health Care

  • Always thankful for TPMG getting interested in leadership. Running for an election and representing a medical center for nine years was the last thing I would have expected to do. Since that fateful moment, I’ve been fascinated about the role of leaders and the discipline of leadership. Examples:
  • Washington Post in depth interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook who took the helm at Apple in August 2011.  So much wisdom. “It’s sort of a lonely job. The adage that it’s lonely — the CEO job is lonely — is accurate in a lot of ways. I’m not looking for any sympathy. You have to recognize that you have blind spots. We all do. Blind spots move, and you want to not just have really bright people around you, but people who will push on you and people to bring out the best in you. People that amplify whatever you’re good at. And then also the people who plug the parts that you’re not and may never be.
  • DNC 2016 Introductory video of President Barack Obama. Underneath the well done PR, it highlights true leadership, something we need more of in an increasingly complex world. When leaders face impossible decisions is where ones true character reveals itself.


Spending time listening to podcasts. Latest favorites include

  • My favorite author and masterful storyteller Malcolm Gladwell – has a podcast – Revisionist History. The medium allows him to weave his magic and spells even more compelling ways. His latest on the Toyota Accelerator crisis digs deeper into his story at the TPMG shareholder meeting last spring. -Episode 8 –  “Blame Game” looks under the hood at one of the strangest public hysterias in recent memory. What really happened in all those Camrys and Lexuses? And how did so many drivers come to misunderstand so profoundly what was happening to them behind the wheel? The answer touches on our increasingly fraught relationship to technology and the dishonesty and naiveté of many in the media.”
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  • The best debate on the future of the US Presidental Election will take place in …Canada.  Mark your calendars for Munk Debates  – Be it resolved, Donald Trump can make America great again…” In the Pro camp – Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham and the Con camp – Robert Reich, Jennifer Granholm. I always love having deep engaging discussions and learning from others as well. This will be no exception.
  • What I’m reading (greatest HR book ever), re-reading (my blog post of Steve Jobs went viral), and future reading (from my favorite Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmondson).


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