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Future of Health Care Crystal Ball Via Rock Health – Inspiring Stories. Much Potential. More Questions.

If you want to see the future of health care, the can’t miss conference of the year is the Health Innovation Summit hosted by Rock Health in San Francisco. As a practicing primary care doctor, I had the opportunity to view health care through the lenses of a technology entrepreneur. I thought the conference was even better than the one I attended last year. Absent was the provocative rhetoric by 2012 keynote speaker Vinod Khosla who noted that “technology will replace 80 percent of doctors”. What continued to remain was the curiosity, confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism that health care and medical care could be even better and the willingness of entrepreneurs to fix a problem and build a business around it. Themes I found particularly interesting included the following: Make health care smarter by creating platforms, whether software or hardware, like wearables, to collect patient data and to analyze data, […] Read More »