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Is HealthTap Good for Doctors?

Is HealthTap good for doctors? I had a chance to hear Ron Gutnam, CEO and founder of HealthTap, at the 2013 Stanford Innovation Health Summit. He describes it best (comments begin at 3:00). “Patients or people can get health answers from physicians in minutes for free using their mobile devices, using their web browser from any time and any where. We started with pediatricians and obstetricians serving pregnant women and moms. Less than two years we have expanded our physician network to over 37,000 US licensed physicians in good standing, 128 specialties in all 50 states. We have physicians in over 3100 cities across the country. You can go to HealthTap, ask any question you want and get an answer for free in minutes or a few hours. There is a shift in how people want to get their health information today, from whom, and how fast they expect to […] Read More »

Doctors, Patients, and Social Media

I was thrilled to be on a panel with other experts in social media at the Sacramento Media Social Club. Experts like Liz Salmi, a brain cancer blogger and young adult cancer survivor – @thelizarmy Christian Hollingsworth, Founder/CEO of Smart Boy Designs and Social Media consultant for the Sacramento Valley affiliate of the Susan G Komen for the Cure – @smartboydesigns Katie Kreps, Team in Training Triathalon and Cycle Manager for the Greater Sacramento Area Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – @tntsacramento. There were other people from health care systems like UC Davis and Sutter. Questions and comments revealed that there is a need by patients which is not currently fulfilled. Patients want connections to their doctors and medical information that is easily accessible and available real-time. Already they are engaging with other patients with similar illnesses or problems and finding humanity in virtual encounters because it is […] Read More »